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Custom Grooming

Custom styling done right.


Give your pet the freshen up it needs.

Preventative Care

Benefit your pet's health with preventive care.

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Additional services for your pet's every need. 

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Why Should You Groom?

Haircuts aren't just to make your dog beautiful, they are also essential to your dog's health.

Regular dog grooming can help detect signs of trouble underneath the fur. A groomer could discover health issues like: cysts, skin conditions, and ear infections. 

Be sure to keep up with brushing your dog's fur! Matted fur can go from causing mild irritation to infecting a wound.

Responsible pet owners should always keep their pet healthy and clean, and grooming is an essential part of that responsibilty.

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Professional and affordable grooming services for your pet. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment please submit a message.  

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