Additional Services

Sometimes grooming requires more. Additional services help your pet look and feel its best. 

We service all pets, even the ones that require more time and attention. Sometimes our furry friends are trouble makers, but we love them anyway. 

Your pet may require the use of a safety muzzle. A soft form muzzle will be applied in any threatening or destructive situation.

Negative Reactive Behaviors: snapping back, stepping off grooming table, shaking of head, pulling back, pushing forward, sitting, spinning, lying down, sneezing, head butting or kicking.

Aggressive Behaviors: snapping, showing teeth, growling, low groan, kicking, lunging, pushing, pulling, chewing of leash, harness or groomer's helper, and use of a muzzle.

Services Include

De-Skunking Treatment: $10

De-Shed: $20

De-Matt (10-20 Min.): $10

De-Matt (20-40 Min.): $20

De-Matt (40-60 Min.): $30

Muzzle Use: $10

Aggressive Behavior (30 Min. Ex) $10

Difficulty Fee (Ext 1 Hr.): $10

Senior Dog Special Needs: $10

Expedited Service: $15

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Let's Work Together

We offer a wide range of services tailored to fit your dog's needs.