Bathing not only helps your pet smell great it is also good for their health. 

A full service bath includes: nail tip, eye wash, mouth wash, ear cleaning & blueberry facial, body massage and full blow dry and brush out.

Hair length is based on natural breed length, not current hair length.

*De-shedding is additional.

Short Hair

Small (1-15 lbs): $25

Medium (16-40): $30

Large (41-80): $42

XLarge (81-150): $52

Long Hair (Blow Out)

Small (1-15 lbs): $30

Medium (16-40 lbs): $40

Large (41-80 lbs): $52

XLarge (81-150):  $62 *requires 2 Groomers

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Bathing services that leave your pet refreshed and clean.