Preventative Services

Preventive services are beneficial to your pet and help in the long run by potentially decreasing trips needed to the vet. 

Teeth Brushing plays an important role in your dog's overall health. We'll use our dog approved exfoliating toothpaste and toothbrush to gently scrub away odor, food particles, and break down gingivitis.

Give your future self a break and avoid the expense of doggy dental by using our preventative service. 

Nail trimming maintenance is beneficial to your pet's overall health. Consistent nail trims can decrease the risk of bad posture and deformed bones.

The groomer will Dremel the nails with a pet safe rotary tool. This helps to shorten the nail beyond just a trim and smooth around the rough edges.

Services offered:

Anal Gland Expression: $21

Sanitary Trim: $21

Teeth Brush: $8

Allergy Shampoo: $8

Face Trim: $8

Ear Hair Pluck: $8

Nail Trim: $21

Nail Dremell: $21

Tail Trim: $8

Face, Feet, Fani: $16

Flee Bath: $25



Dry/ Itchy



Bug/ Pest Bites

Yellowing Coat

Oily Coat

Face Discoloring



Coconut Moisturizer

Dead Sea Mineral Mud

De-Shed Treatment

Shampoo Treatments:

Skin Repair:

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Preventative services to ensure your furry friend stays healthy.